We See Your Glory

by ministries without borders

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'We See Your Glory' is an album made by songwriters, singers and musicians from churches across the United Kingdom working together under the banner of ministries without borders. Our aim in recording it was simply to share some of the songs that we use in our times of worship - songs that express our longing to see more of God's glory - songs that convey the vastness of His glory - songs that proclaim God's desire for the whole world to know His glory. Enjoy listening.


released July 24, 2010

Simon Blake: drums, percussion, acoustic guitar
Dave Palmer: bass
James Aubrey: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys
Dave Perkins: electric guitar, electronic noises
Matthew Ling: keys, acoustic guitar

Julie Burden, Ben McCosker, Simon Blake, Matthew Ling

Joy Marsden, Julie Burden, Naomi Heap, Simon Blake, Dave Palmer,
James Aubrey, Dave Perkins, Matthew Ling, Ben McCosker

Philip Blake and Alex Killpartrick




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Track Name: Thank You
We enter your gates with thanksgiving
Hands raised, we boldly shout
Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus
You’re the King of kings
And Lord of lords
We come into your courts with praise
In awe, we shall proclaim
You are Holy, God Almighty
You’re the Prince of peace, the Great I Am

The first, the last
You will reign forever
For all You are, for all You do
I will never stop praising You

Thank You, for all You’ve done for me
Thank You, Your love has set me free
Thank You, You died and rose again
And You’re reigning in my life
Thank You, for all You’re going to do
Thank You, my life is hidden in you
Thank You, Your Spirit lives in me
And You’re reigning in my life
Thank You

We come before Your throne of mercy
Forgiven, I am free
Hallelujah! Thank You Father
I’m a Son of God, I reign with Christ
You fill me with Your Holy Spirit
Your life flows through me
Clothed with power, I’m Your witness
I will testify to all the earth

Simon Blake © 2010 ministries without borders
Track Name: Be Glorified
Creation declares
The heavens proclaim
Everlasting King worthy is your name
Your name strong and mighty
Great are your ways, the nations give praise
A new song is heard and all the earth is changed
As you show your glory

Be glorified
Be glorified in me
That all the world might see
That you are God
Be glorified
Reign in your majesty
Lord let your glory be over all the earth

The cross where you died
You paid the price
Yet you rose again that all men may have life
Life everlasting
Awake O my soul to tell all he’s done
As I lift my voice I’ll awake the dawn
The peoples will praise him

Jesus my King I’m bowing the knee
Let your kingdom come
Here I am use me
Wherever you take me
There’s no higher call, no greater thing
Than to worship you
You’re my everything
I live for your glory

Dave Palmer © 2009 ministries without borders
Track Name: We Bring You Praise
We bring you praise
Your love prevails
We will never know another
Who has shown us such love
You shed your blood
Made a covenant
And your promises are certain
You covenant shall stand

Your enduring love reaches to us
Everlasting arms have lifted us up
And unending praise will flow from our lips
For you have set your affection on us
You’ve bestowed your mercy on us
You have shown your kindness to us
In never ending love

A price was paid
A sacrifice was made
There will never be another
You have done it all
The victory’s yours
Our future’s assured
And our destiny is certain
Your covenant shall stand

Matthew Ling © 1998 Restoration Music Ltd
Track Name: My Heart Will Sing
My heart will sing the praises of him
Who gave up the riches of glory
When from his throne, he came to his own
And showed us his love and great mercy

Your name is glorious
Your name is wonderful
Your name is holy and magnificent
Mighty and powerful
O my soul sing of the One who has saved me
All of my days I will live to bring glory
Unto your name, unto your name

Praises to him who triumphed over sin
In victory death is defeated
Captives set free and sicknesses flee
Jesus reigns, over all he is seated

O my soul tell of the King and his greatness
For he is good and forever his name is
Worthy of glory and honour and praises
Worthy of praise

Dave Palmer © 2009 ministries without borders
Track Name: The Empty Tomb
Where O death is your victory,
Where O death is your sting,
The curse of sin is broken
The captives are set free
Jesus Christ won the victory
Jesus Christ conquered sin
All who trust in him
Have been ransomed and redeemed

See the empty tomb, now the stone lies rolled away
Death is overcome and the power of the grave
Life for evermore, to all who call upon his name
Death is swallowed up, in victory

Though once counted as enemies
Though we once were far off
We have received in Jesus
The righteousness of God
Now united with him in death
Now as co-heirs with Christ
All who take up the cross
Will have everlasting life

Dave Palmer © 2004 ministries without borders
Track Name: Pilgrim Heart
Grant me, Lord, a pilgrim heart
In this world, but set apart
On you alone I fix my eyes
Your dwelling place I make my prize
Guide me in the path I take
All distractions I forsake,
The greatest treasure earth awards
Is dust compared to you my Lord

All I can give, all I can sing
To glorify the risen King
I offer up in sacrifice
That you might reign and I might die,
That you might reign and I might die

Matthew Ling © 2002 ministries without borders
Track Name: We See Your Glory
All creation’s longing – waiting for the day
Looking for the sons of God, for freedom from decay
Longing for the day when all will see your glory
So too we are yearning for your glory to be seen
Waiting for our sonship, your power in us revealed
Looking for the day when we will see your glory

And we will all be changed
As your presence fills this place
We can never be the same when we see your glory
See the radiant church arise
Show your glory in our lives
To become a spotless bride, we see your glory

We’re called to build a highway for Jesus to return
Called to raise the valleys, to straighten every turn
Called to be the ones who make a way for your glory
Restoring streets to live in, a city for your name
Restoring to your purpose, building for your fame
Raised up as a people to display your glory

When the captives are set free
And the blind again can see
And the poor find liberty, we see your glory
With the gospel shouted loud
Fill the earth with heaven’s sound
As the lost are being found, we see your glory

A people who have died with Christ, a people who are raised
A people who are one with Christ, hastening the day
Hastening the day when all will see your glory
The preaching of the gospel to every tribe and tongue
Is the sign that you have given that the end will come
The wondrous, awesome day when all will see your glory

And the dead in Christ shall rise
And we’ll be by your side
As your coming splits the skies, we’ll see your glory
And death will be no more
And we will be transformed
Every tongue cry ‘He is Lord’, we’ll see your glory

Matthew Ling © 2010 ministries without borders